clip_image008OK, so Christmas is just around the corner, right? So, that means it’s time to check out gifts for the geek in your office or family and, as with everything tech related, North Star is here to help. What would you expect from your favorite Denver IT support compadres?


We’re not here to simply remind you of the cool devices and apps we’ve mentioned throughout the year. That would be far too easy. Instead, we’re gonna’ go after the really cool geek gifts that are out there this year. You got it, from under 50 bucks to, well…whatever it costs, we’re going to share with you some potential gifts that will set your favorite geek’s geek-o-meter soaring like never before. Hang on now, this is going to be quite a ride…

Simple Gifts for Geeks and Techies

Beginning small, we offer you this, from MSN Living, 20 Great Gifts Under $50 where, whether you’re shopping for a student in your family or a you need a Secret Santa gift for the office geek, you’ll find something they’ll enjoy using, without breaking the bank. From tablet computers for kids to accessories for dressing up a cell phone; from “gadgets for the tech challenged” to cool new apps for your favorite tech weenie, you’re likely to find it, or a link to it, here.


Looking for a Spy Pen Camera for the guy in the next office who always seems a little too interested in what everyone else is doing? Or, maybe you need a Mini-Light Saber for That Guy. And hey, who doesn’t need a Matrix LED Digital Watch?

clip_image004 Then again, once you place this Mini Bladeless Fan on your desk, everyone else in your office will want one too. Want a Planetarium in your home, or a Gold Bar Mouse (or a Spider Mouse for that person you can’t stand)? From gag gifts to high tech gadgets, has an amazing variety of gifts for geeks at virtually every price range.


Of course, no list of geek gifts would be complete without this entry from, and their 9 Must-Get Gifts on Every Geek’s Wish List: including, among others, Doctor Who Tardis 4-Port USB Hub, the R2-D2 Home Planetarium,

the Star Trek Closed Communicator iPhone Case (we did say this stuff was for geeks right?), and the Hi-Call Gloves – for reals, Dude – a pair of winter gloves that are a Bluetooth enabled handset, with the mic in the pinky finger and the speaker in the thumb. (Yeah, mine are already on order!)


Great Gifts for Uber-Geeks

clip_image010OK, it’s time to move beyond the mundane and simply fun gifts for the geek in your life. Here comes the real deal; gifts for that truly special geek in your life – something he or she will never forget.

How about a real, custom-made Light Saber for the Star Wars fanatic in your life (or, as real as can be)? Ranging in price from $129 to $499, and available in 13 different designs, your Jedi Warrior will never feel complete without one of these.

clip_image012Have a techie on your shopping list who’s also a practical joker? At just $14.95, the PC Prankster is the perfect stocking stuffer, allowing your evil genius to simply plug in and take virtual control of another’s computer. You’ll either be a hero or hated in the office, but your favorite prankster will love you.


Is your favorite geek tired of taking pictures that only show one view? Would you like to offer him or her a chance to take truly panoramic, fully 360° shots of any situation in any environment? Now you can, with the Panono Panoramic Ball Camera. Simply toss the camera in the air and get a full 360° view of your environment. At $549 it’s not cheap but, hey, how cool is that?

Does your favorite geek happen to be a biker – and a bit of a predator? If so, the Predator Motorcycle Helmet, in 3-D and at about $780 from MLO Moto, may just be the perfect gift this season.


The Ultimate Gift for the Ultimate Geek

Tired of seeing your favorite geek stuck behind a desk all day; back aching, neck and shoulders tight and sore? Here’s the solution – the Geek Desk® Adjustable Desk and workstation. At just under $6000 the geek you buy this for had better be someone you truly care for, but hey, all geeks need a little love now and then. (Are you reading this, Honey?)


For even more amazing gifts for the geek in your life, check out the website

Of course, these few items barely begin to touch the surface of what’s available for the geek in your life but, we think this list of best gifts for geeks 2013 is at least a good beginning.

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