OpenScape Web Collaboration from Unify (formerly Siemens)


The better way to meet.

Bringing people together can be expensive. From business travel to managing office space, team coordination requires a deep investment – not just in cost, but in time.

Enter the Power of Web Collaboration.


Connect more. Connect faster.

  • Give your teams the freedom to easily and seamlessly share presentations, documents, videos, and other media – directly from their desktops, smartphones, and tablets – all on the most secure platform available.
  • A comprehensive Web collaboration solutions let you connect more people faster and more efficiently, saving you time and money.
  • Whatever your priority – internal projects with international stakeholders, or communicating with customers and partners – Web collaboration fosters a creative environment for your virtual teams and mobile workers. And that means faster problem-solving, faster decision-making – and a faster path to a competitive advantage.

A big benefit … it also integrates with the Unify Phone Systems!

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It’s a competitive advantage. Encouraging collaboration and sharing ideas doesn’t simply increase productivity – it improves how you communicate with your customers, your employees, your partners, and your suppliers.
It’s secure. Many systems simply can’t be trusted to collaborate on sensitive subject matter. You can rest easy knowing OpenScape Web Collaboration uses Secure Connect Service, which provides an extremely robust level of encryption.