Aren’t you ready for a robust Managed Antivirus solution for securing servers, PCs and laptops on the move against viruses and other malware?

Based on the award-winning VIPRE security platform, North Star, Inc. can deploy managed antivirus security services to protect our customers from all types of malware threats including viruses, adware, spyware, worms and rootkits.


Our Managed Antivirus solution features include:

  • Easy Deployment – Automatically deploy the antivirus agent to any server or workstation.
  • Remote device protection – Moves centralized antivirus management to the cloud to protect remote laptops and PCs that rarely phone home.
  • Removable device scanning – automatically scans USB flash drives and other removable drives and files for threats before these devices can access and infect your PCs.
  • Custom Configuration – Fully configure every aspect of the managed antivirus agent, including scheduling scans and specifying remediation actions if threats are detected
  • Real-Time Alerts – Receive notifications when a virus is detected or a threat is quarantined, and implement corrective action
  • Comprehensive Reports – Compile and provide our customers with reports detailing all actions performed on your behalf to secure and maintain your network
  • Small-footprint agent – antivirus agent provides real-time threat analysis that doesn’t hog system resources or slow down PCs. In fact, it works so efficiently that users don’t notice it (even during scans).
  • On-premise scanning – installs and scans on the endpoint, so no customer information, financial documents or other sensitive data leaves your network for scanning in the cloud.
  • Removal of existing antivirus – quickly and thoroughly removes your existing antivirus software, ensuring an environment free of other antivirus agents to avoid conflicts on the network during installation.
  • Cloud-based management – simple-to-use web-based dashboard makes it easy to automatically address threats on all your servers, PCs, laptops and workstations from anywhere via the cloud.
  • Advanced threat monitoring – defends against malware threats, including zero-day threats in real time with Active Protection™, heuristics, signatures and other highly sophisticated detection methods.
  • Real-time threat detection – antivirus malware processing tools analyze hundreds of thousands of samples every day and integrate threats they detect into the antivirus definitions multiple times per day.
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