WannaCry continues to infect organizations around the globe over the weekend.

If you’re on our Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance plan, North Star is protecting you and your IT infrastructure. If you’re not on this plan, we should talk. You should highly consider this to be a major threat to your organization.

In addition to deploying our Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance security plan, it is essential you continue to keep your systems up-to-date on the latest software versions. To combat this new wave of threats, North Star is offering a free Ransomware Prevention Best Practices tip sheet. You can download it here: 10RansomwarePreventionBestPractices.

The WannaCry Attack

A massive ransomware attack has shut down a number of hospitals in the National Health Service (NHS) system, preventing patients in the UK from receiving care and causing panic across the globe. This version of ransomware is leveraging an exploit named EternalBlue that was leaked by the ShadowBrokers last month. The attack affects versions of the Windows operating system before Windows 10. Although Microsoft released a patch on March 14, it only prevents spreading the attack through internal networks and even still, many organizations have not applied it.

The cybercriminals are busy today creating ransomware variants that are likely to arrive in your email inbox. Please stay diligent about fake emails and think before you click.

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