FileLocker Enterprise Overview

greenarrowFileLocker is the key to sharing files securely across departments.

FileLocker for Enterprise is designed to solve growing enterprise security concerns over the method of file sharing and the
control over such file sharing and collaboration. All departments must share files. It improves worker productivity to be able to
use a tool to do so, rather than relying on email or a simple SharePoint deployment.


How big is this problem?

55of workplace file sharing users do not tell their IT departments about the apps they use.84of finance departments report using free file sharing. 66of workers using free file sharing share corporate documents.


50% of firms have blacklisted free file sharing/hosting/cloud storage.

greenarrowFileLocker empowers firms to stop the spread of free file sharing in your company.

Your employees are using free file sharing for a simple reason: it gives them a convenient way to share data. FileLocker gives end-users the ease of use they desire, but with the security you require.

No more blacklisting. No more work-arounds. Use FileLocker inside and outside of your company securely.

FileLocker Features

greenarrowHow FileLocker’s features solve the file sharing security dilemma.

It’s simple to use and easy to adopt across an entire organization.

demo1demo1Collaboration Features

  • Desktop Sync
  • Search uploaded files
  • Sort your files by title, size, date modified
  • File viewer (Photoshop, CAD, images)
  • Automatic notifications
  • Edit documents in the cloud
  • Password protect permalinks
  • Comments








Mobile Apps

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Windows Phone


demo3Administrative Controls

  • Audit trail reporting
  • LDAP Integration
  • Change storage quotas by account
  • Restrict/control external access
  • Set permissions/control who can view items
  • Create incoming folders
  • Set companywide file retention policies
  • Administrative dashboard
  • Outbound API call integration






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FileLocker Competitive Comparison

FileLocker was created to keep your files safe – no matter where you are sharing them or storing them. What makes FileLocker truly different is its security: unlike many competitive solutions, FileLocker encrypts data end-to-end, starting with private key encryption on the client side. From there, FileLocker sends data through a 256 bit SSL tunnel and encrypts it again at 256 bit AES encryption in the cloud. FileLocker can also be deployed in your network and behind your firewall.

Questions?[maxbutton id=”13″]or give us a call at 303-747-4024.