Windows Azure – Cloud-Based Mega Storage & Computing Power

About Windows Azure

Execution, data management and storage, security, networking, analytics, messaging, and high-performance computing power are just a few of the things every business seeks from their IT system, regardless of size. Windows Azure provides all of these – and more – in a versatile, mobile, cloud-based environment; all secured and accessible 24/7, 365 from Microsoft datacenters.

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Windows-Azure-PlatformIn previous articles we’ve shared with you our impressions of cloud-based services for small business from Microsoft, with an overview of cloud computing titled Cloud Power will have your Business Soaring and with an explanation of SkyDrive, Microsoft SkyDrive Cloud Service for Small Business. Today we offer you a look at Windows Azure, the mega-storage, cloud-based virtual office platform from Microsoft. A more in-depth look at Windows Azure may be found here.

What does Windows Azure offer small businesses?

From the smallest task to the most complex, Windows Azure can accomplish every function your current hardware system performs for you, all from a seamless cloud-based platform, reducing capital investments and space requirements. The cost savings can be substantial, requiring you to pay for only what you need without forcing you to invest in costly server technologies, maintenance, and storage space. Azure is a full-service, versatile solution for businesses that are looking to save money without sacrificing functionality or productivity.



Windows Azure provides Internet-accessible application services running in Microsoft Datacenters.

Versatile applications functionality

Windows Azure provides three different execution models for running applications, allowing all the versatility and productivity your organization is looking for. Sacrifice nothing while saving money and boosting profitability.

  • Virtual Machines
  • Web Sites
  • Cloud Services

Mega-storage for critical data

With terabytes of storage available for pennies per month, secure storage of critical data, whether internal data or vital customer data, Windows Azure provides several different ways to store and manage data.

  • SQL Database
  • Tables
  • Blobs

Secure networking worldwide

With secure datacenters across the globe, from the US to Europe to Asia, Windows Azure offers multiple options for networking applications and data storage.

  • Virtual Networking
  • Azure Connect
  • Traffic Manager

Analytics for business

Accurate analysis of business data is critical for improved performance and the effective use of information technologies. A cloud-based analytics platform provides a cost-effective, on-demand, pay-per-use resource for your business analytics.

  • SQL Reporting
  • Hadoop

Improved media performance

As the use of video for sharing information becomes ever more popular, using massive amounts of bandwidth for presentation and requiring ever-changing applications, a dependable platform for video sharing become critical. Windows Azure offers a group of components that make running video and other media easy and cost-effective.

  • Applications
  • Media Service
  • Users


Windows Azure offers a fully functional virtual office in the cloud

In addition to these powerful applications, Windows Azure offers a cloud-based platform for high-power computing with multiple machines working in parallel; secure and protected identities for every use in the network and also controlling access through the Azure Active Directory; improved functionality through the use of cached memory for popular data applications; and improved messaging using queues and service buses.

Windows Azure from Microsoft offers more cloud-based functions than any other alternative to on-site computing power and IT technology. It is an incredibly versatile, pay-as-you-go system that can reduce costs and increase productivity, especially for businesses to small to invest in their own IT department.

To learn more about Azure, download this Windows Azure Training Kit from Microsoft.

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