A little bit about who we are…

3GUYScollage378x317North Star was founded in 1992 and the original owners found themselves in a bad situation in 2011. Shortly after, Brad, Tony, and myself met with the prior owners and made the decision to purchase the company. It was at that time we decided to build a better business than the one we bought. One that is dedicated to our customers’ success by delivering exceptional IT support, and always doing what’s in their best interests.

Once the initial years of ownership were under our belt, we set out to expand our service offering to include newer technology that gives our clients more cloud features, round-the-clock network support, and a better experience with us overall.

I have been with North Star since 1996, Brad started in 1998, and Tony came on board in 2008. We take lead on most every larger project with all clients. In addition to the company leaders, we have several full-time technicians on staff. Along with our office personnel, and our sales and marketing team, they round out our company.

We’re enjoying this journey to grow and become greater assets to our clients.

We strive to have a close and trusting relationship with clients, and a staff that promises to listen to their needs.

With firm roots in the small to medium size business world of IT in the Denver area, North Star understands that businesses frequently set goals that are unattainable without the proper use of technology. Our goal is to make sure our clients don’t fall into that situation. North Star provides services and manages tools to enable and empower our clients to not only meet but exceed their goals. This helps them increase efficiency, boost productivity and in turn increase profitability.

~Darryl Kalli

You’re busy running your business. We understand.

You need to manage your people, not your technology. We get it. You want to support your customers, not your information systems. We know how it is. It’s why we’re here – it’s what makes us tick. We offer a high level of technical knowledge and experience to our clients through skilled and friendly service, to relieve you of these problems, allowing you to return your focus to the things you do best – managing your team, serving your customers, and running your company.

Aren’t you tired of wasting resources on internal IT support, when all you want is for your IT system to work properly and resolve issues automatically?

We’ve been providing IT support to mid-sized and small businesses in Denver like yours since 1992.

Is your time split between IT problems and running your business?
Does your IT system sometimes “go down” just when you need it the most?
Are you having trouble with system backup and disaster recovery?
Has your IT system become “slow” and unresponsive?
Are you worried about IT system security?

We love technology. You need technology. And, while you may not love it the way that we do, that’s OK, because we’re here to improve your relationship with the technology you need. We are a complete IT department, ideally suited for full outsourcing of your small business IT needs, or for specific IT support projects you need to implement in your business. We can do it all for you, or just handle the bits that get away from you from time to time.

Proactive, not Reactive

It’s not good enough to be great at firefighting problems that raise their ugly heads. As your ongoing trusted IT partner, you rely on us to proactively manage your network systems and keep them in top shape, running smoothly, and safe from harm.

Our Proactive Advantage Program provides you with the opportunity to have us stay ‘on the ball’ without physically touching every computer and to automatically detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance problems. Give your network the ultimate advantage.


Questions? Give us a call at 303-747-4024.

Who are your North Star Team?

We’ve spent the past two decades building our reputation as a trusted IT resource and information technology system advisor, by continually exploring ways to save you money when your hardware and systems “act up,” or “go down.” We understand tight budgets, and we support the idea that not everything needs to be replaced; however, we will not hesitate to point out when equipment or applications are past their prime, creating problems for you and your team that will end up costing you more in the long run.

  • Well-established IT Company working with and supporting Denver small business since 1992
  • Many long-term clients with us over a decade
  • Highly skilled at ninja-level troubleshooting techniques
  • Firmly believes in combining remote support tools and a hands-on approach to network maintenance and in-person interaction
  • Available as a regularly scheduled weekly or monthly onsite IT support person for your employee desktop support needs
  • Available to assist your in-house IT department with larger projects

We refuse to hide behind our remote support tools to get you up and running. Instead, we prefer a face-to-face, hands-on approach to presenting you with viable IT solutions. No member of our primary network engineer team has less than a dozen years of experience working at finding and implementing network solutions for our clients, with more than 50 years collective experience to draw upon from the entire team. Because of this, it’s extremely rare that we encounter a network problem, or other IT problem, that none of us has seen.

Find out 16 ways we do things better, and why
you’ll LOVE partnering with us!

Are you ready for a strategic IT partner that understands your network needs and offers solutions that work?


Network IT Solutions for your Small Business

Our business is keeping your business up and running, offering you the opportunity to:

  • Save time and money – over putting together an in-house IT support team. We’re already up and running with cost-effective IT solutions and strategies. Use us!
  • Professional IT experts – working for you. We do this every day. We know the solutions you need.
  • Broad range of IT experience – dealing with all aspects of IT support, security risks, and new technologies on a daily basis.
  • Enhanced communication – between team members and your clients, with dependable communication systems.
  • Increased peace of mind – knowing that the Denver IT experts are a part of your team.
  • We are honest and trustworthy, and we truly care about your network and your business.
  • We respond quickly to service phone calls and emails, and we make it a point to be on time to scheduled appointments and service calls.
Questions? Give us a call at 303-747-4024.

Denver Information Technology Solutions

We provide a team approach to the information technology solutions we offer; not a single person with limited IT knowledge and experience, but a Professional Team of IT experts for your Denver business. We work regularly with businesses from Denver to Boulder, and all areas in between; building, maintaining, and improving networks with as few as 5 users, and as many as 250 users.

Our IT support services for Denver area business include:

User Support TechnicianSystem Administrator and Technology Consultants
 – user assistance, trouble ticket resolution, maintenance. – proactive management, monitoring, project execution.
Strategy & PlanningBackup & Disaster Recovery
 – keep your business environment current and up-to-date. – for peace of mind – keeping your system and data safe.
Cloud ComputingMobile Computing
 – helping you in your decision to take your business to the cloud. – keeping your employees connected using a variety of mobile devices.
VoIP Phone SolutionsSystem Monitoring & Maintenance
 – using the power of the internet for your communication needs. – the watchdog of your servers and workstations.


The IT products and services we provide can help your company improve employee productivity, reduce your operating costs, and make it easier for you to focus on your business. Our team of information technology technicians can identify specific challenges to your business, and offer business technology solutions and options to aid in day-to-day technology hurdles.


With a wide variety of IT Solutions available, you get peace of mind
that can easily fit your budget.

Questions? Give us a call at 303-747-4024.