Communications and Web Services

North Star can help you navigate the complex web of communications and internet services

As the leader in IT support in the Denver Metropolitan Area, North Star is well equipped to help your company choose money-saving and efficiency-producing tools such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), web conferencing and virtual workforce collaboration, and domain, email and other web services.

North Star can help your small or medium-sized business stay connected in the office and on the road. The world of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has transformed the telecommunications industry. With VoIP, your phone calls travel over the internet as data, just as email does.

Who knew it would take a pandemic for North Star’s IT technicians and consultants to be proven right? We advocate for effective and efficient solutions where you can rely on technology to better run your business. With work-from-home and remote opportunities becoming more common, let us show you how your business can benefit.

Part of the solutions that North Star has been offering to Denver Metropolitan Area business for the past 30 years is akin to one-stop shopping for your IT needs. We extend that concept through our integrated platform, where you can purchase web domains and other services directly through us. You’re a busy executive, so why shop at four different stores when you can get everything you need at one?