IT and Cloud Services

North Star Has the Tools to Help Keep Your Network Running the Way Your Business Needs

North Star can help provide you with peace of mind. How? We work make sure your network works for you, so your investment in technology pays dividends, rather than being a loss leader. Serving the Denver Metropolitan Area for more than 30 years, North Star is committed to providing IT support to meet your needs and help your business grow.

A network is important to the business it serves. We think it’s key to pay attention to that relationship these days, and it needs to be emphasized, because many people tell us that software updates, backups, and other operations make them feel like they work for their technology. That said, the network and the devices that link to it need to be kept up to date, and the hardware and software need to work together to do that.

Sometimes a company has a great support team, but they’ve outgrown the amount of support that team can provide. We can give your great team a deep bench, and relieve some of the pressure so they can continue to deliver for you. Working closely with your IT management team, we can determine the best tasks to manage for us, and let them play to their strengths.

There are those that say, You’re only as good as your worst day on the job. While we don’t necessarily agree with that sentiment, we will say that any business that relies on a network and digital record-keeping is only as good as the last backup on their system. In these times of natural disasters including fires and floods, and hackers and ransomware running amok, it’s time to quit hoping for good luck and make certain you’re critical systems are covered.

Proactive Advantage monitoring and maintenance means our team sets up parameters on your system to watch its performance. We also create regularly scheduled deeper checks, to ensure we can spot trouble before it starts, keep the system software up to date, and head off otherwise unforeseen problems. It’s your network’s early warning system to detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance problems, many times before you even know about it.

It’s just like going to the doctor to get a physical: Everyone should know what’s going on with their network, whether hardware is running properly and efficiently, and if there are gaping holes in the firewall or other key problems. Knowing the problems are the first step to fixing them, and we’re glad to present solutions that allow you to figure out the best way to solve these issues in a timely way with a budget that works.

Who would you call if you got locked out of your network by ransomware? What if all your client data was stolen and set free on the dark web? Would you call the police? While it’s good to file a report with them, that’s a tough call to make if you didn’t feel like you knew everything necessary to protect your network. Let us have a look at your network and figure out how to protect critical systems and data from nefarious forces. Then we can make recommendations that will make a difference.

Security risks that endanger your network and your business are everywhere. Many services will raise the alarm, and let the business deal with the challenge. To our mind, that’s little more than a half-measure that doesn’t address the real potential problems that are about to arrive. Northstar is proud to offer the Sophos Managed Threat Response (MTR).