Managed Threat Protection Service

Security risks that endanger your network and your business are everywhere. Many services will raise the alarm, and let the business deal with the challenge. To our mind, that’s little more than a half-measure that doesn’t address the real potential problems that are about to arrive. Northstar is proud to offer the Sophos Managed Threat Response (MTR). Instead of merely notifying a business of an impending threat, Sophos uses a combination of the knowledge of experienced team members and machine learning to search out potential threats. Their protocols combine detection and response capabilities seamlessly. The response team works remotely to contain and neutralize threats. On call 24/7, these teams follow the lead of each of their client, only engaging their solutions to manage incidents as the business owner sees fit.

Understand the Details About Managed Threat Protection Services

View this webinar to understand how a managed threat protection service can fit into your overall cybersecurity framework and strategy

Sophos has partnered with Northstar to deliver Managed Threat Protection Services, and you can find more information here.

Read this buyer’s guide to understand what managed detection and response can do to protect your business.

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