Best Gifts for Geeks 2014

Best Gifts for Geeks 2014

“OMG,” she said. “I’m not ready for Christmas!” she wailed. “I have so many techies and geeks to buy for, and I have no idea what they want! What’s a non-geek like me supposed to do?” she asked the Gods of Geekdom.

“Fear not,” a Voice from above responded, rumbling through the floor beneath her, causing her very being to quiver with excitement. “For your salvation awaits. Simply visit the blog at the North Star web site, where they list the best gifts for geeks each Holiday Season, and all will be made clear to you,” the Voice directed.

“Oh thank you, Good Sir,” she said, she whimpered in supplication. “I am forever grateful for your guidance.”

“Fear not Lovely Lady, and take comfort in the fact that all is not lost. We’re here but to serve,” the Voice remarked, and then was gone.

And so…

Here we offer inspiration and consolation for those who’ve once again managed to procrastinate their way through the year, delaying their geek gifting and techie shopping until the last possible moment. Take comfort, one and all, in the knowledge that the IT experts at North Star has once again seen fit to present you with a shining list of devices, apps, and gadgets that will make your geekiest geek rejoice this season.

Great Gifts for Techies and Geeks

Once more we begin our list of the best gift for geeks with a guide for gifts under $50, this year offer by Their list of 10 under-fifty dollar gifts will make your last-minute shopping quick and easy. Whomever you may be shopping for; a student in your family or a Secret Santa gift for the office geek, you’ll find something they’ll enjoy, without breaking the bank. From the Amazon Flash Stick to the Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse; from the Mophie Power Reserve portable charger to the Jabra STYLE AE Hands-free Wireless Headset, this slideshow of 10 gifts for under fitty bucks is sure to provide you with stocking stuffers for the techiest techie on your shopping list.

fitbitEasily one of the hottest gift items of the year has been a fitness tracker that can be worn about the wrist. After all, who wants to wear that bulky, uncomfortable chest strap that are required by an out-of-date heart rate monitor? (What is this, the 90s?) The Striiv Fusion Fitness Tracker offers everything you need to monitor a workout, in a sleek and stylish design. It even lest you know when you have a phone call coming through, and accepts text messages! Cool beans, huh? Available at for just $129.99, with free shipping.

Of course, no list would be complete without a set of great headphones. The Bose® SoundTrue™ Headphones may just be the last set you ever need. Plus, they’re so lightweight — 4.9 oz. — you might forget you’re wearing them, and they’ll stay comfortable no matter how long your playlist is. As always with Bose®, the quality of sound is excellent and, in this case, the price ain’t bad either; just $149.95 from, with shipping included!


penHave an aspiring artist in the family? Or, a designer perhaps? What’ll you see this! The World’s First 3D Printing Pen is the only pen that creates three-dimensional plastic drawings. Instead of releasing ink, this pen extrudes warm thermoplastic that hardens within seconds, allowing you to create three-dimensional freehand drawings. Available from Hammacher Schlemmer, at, for $99.99. Currently on back order, but hey, it’s worth the wait.

boseFor 3-D printing on a somewhat larger scale, you may want to present your favorite geek with this – the FlashForge 3d Printer Creator Pro. This is a truly affordable 3-D printer, that allows even the least tech-inclined, and the most, to jump on the 3-D printing craze. While not quite large enough to “print” yourself a new car, you can definitely build some cool stuff for yourself, family, and friends. Available from at the surprisingly low price of $997.00.


goproFor those of you who have a neighbor who just can’t seem to control their pets – or their noisy guests – this next item may just be the answer to all your trouble. Now, you can get the evidence on ‘em with The Live Video Camera Drone. This is the flying camera drone that sends live video to a smartphone from up to one third-mile away. A 5.8 GHz radio remote controls the drone, displaying live video on an iPhone or Android smartphone connected to the remote’s dock. Easier to fly than typical RC craft that require constant stick control from the remote for stable flight, its autonomous flight system manages all four of the drone’s 9″ high-efficiency propellers simultaneously, allowing it to hover in-place or stay on-course while you focus on taking pictures and video. Also available at, the $1300 price tag is completely reasonable if it gets the neighbor tossed into the slammer on New Year’s Eve, right? Now that’s a reason to celebrate!

For even more amazing gifts for the geek in your life, check out the website

Of course, these few items barely begin to touch the surface of what’s available for the geek in your life but, we think this list of best gifts for geeks 2014 should at least get your geek-shopping juices flowing.

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