Cleaning Maintenance of your PC

Simple Steps To Clean the Inside and Outside of your Computer

it services denverMany people do not give their computers the regular cleaning they deserve. If you are one of those people, have no fear, it is very easy to perform regular cleaning on your computer. While performing maintenance on your computer, it is drastically important that you remember to unplug the power cord from your PC to ensure you avoid electrocution.

First, shut your computer down, if it is on at the moment. Remove the power cord for safe handling. Discharge any static you may have built up by touching something metal that is not connected to a power source. If a portion of your PC desk is metal, that will suffice. After you have unplugged the power from your PC, remove the panel or lid that is covering the insides of the PC. Take care to place the screws in a safe place, they are super easy to lose! Once you have the lid removed, you will be able to see the results of your PC living maintenance free. It is likely there will be a layer of dust covering the insides of your machine. Why is this dust a problem? The dust can cause overheating or even data loss! To clean this dust off, you will need a can of air. You can purchase a can of air from generally any retailer that sells electronics and they can be found for under $5. Do not attempt to use the canned air while it is upside down. Use it to blow the dust off all the components inside. If you have a video card, remove it from the motherboard by removing any screws that may be attached and gently pull it. It is vital to be careful not to pull on the card too hard, otherwise you may damage your video card. Blow the air into the fan on your video card to remove a large portion of the dust within. Use a flashlight to inspect if you missed any dust. It is quite common for a large chunk of dust to become stuck at the back of the vent and you want to get all of it out. If you were unable to reach other components when the video card was inside your computer, blast those with air to remove dust before you place the video card back inside. Next, use the can of air on all of the fans that blow air out of your PC. These fans are important because they remove heat and keep your PC from overheating. Place the lid or cover back on your computer’s tower. The inside of your computer is now clean!

Now it is time to clean the outside of your PC.  Take a non-abrasive cloth and wipe down the outside of the computer tower to remove any dust or debris. Now it is time to clean your keyboard. Depending on how often you clean your keyboard, it could be quite dirty and full of crumbs! Take the can of air and take care to blow air into every crevice on your keyboard to blow out all the dust, food, and other miscellaneous debris that has accumulated over the weeks, months, or years. You can now use a slightly damp wash cloth to wipe down the keys. To disinfect your keyboard, take a Q-Tip and get it slightly damp with rubbing alcohol. Use the cotton swab on all the tops and sides of the keys. Now your keyboard should be looking the cleanest it has since you first removed it from its box!

Next, you want to focus on cleaning your mouse. Disconnect the mouse from your PC to avoid the risk of shock. You can either use cloth that is lightly moist with rubbing alcohol or a cotton swab to clean the entire top and underside of the mouse. If you have a mouse with a ball on the bottom, twist the bottom cover and remove the ball. Wipe the ball down with the cloth or cotton swab. Use the can of air to clean the inside of the mouse whether you have a laser or ball mouse. Replace the ball and twist the ball cover back onto the mouse. Your mouse is now clean as a whistle!

The final objective is to clean your monitor. It is likely that right now while you are reading this that you see some dust, dirt, or even smudges on your screen. It is recommended that you purchase a screen cleaning kit from your electronics retailer of choice. This is important because certain chemicals can cause damage to your screen. Unplug your monitor to avoid the risk of shock. Start off by using a cloth to dust off the portions of your monitor that are not the actual screen itself. Once that is done, spray the cleaner on the cloth that came in the kit. Do not spray the cleaning liquid directly on the screen. Gently wipe off your monitor and it should be looking super slick when you are done.

Congratulations! Your computer should now be looking beautiful and ready to allow you to browse, send your email, or work on files. It is recommended to perform this cleaning maintenance on a regular monthly basis. Enjoy having a nice shiny computer on your desk!

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