Free PowerPoint 2013 Video Tutorials

We hope you enjoy this playlist of video tutorials for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013, brought to you by the kind folks at

They include the following:

  1. Getting to Know PowerPoint
  2. Creating and Opening Presentations
  3. Saving and Sharing Presentations
  4. Slide Basics
  5. Text Basics
  6. Applying Themes
  7. Applying Transitions
  8. Managing Slides
  9. Printing Presentations
  10. Presenting Your Slide Show

Clicking on the video below will start with the first video in the series. To skip videos or select a specific video, hover over the video until you see the PLAYLIST option in the upper left corner. Clicking on PLAYLIST will display a list of the videos in the series. You can scroll and click on any video to begin playing it.

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