Are you really watching for the Gorilla in your network?

The reality is that many business owners don’t keep a watchful eye on their network’s health.

They are not performing routine or preventative maintenance. A nasty virus, a malicious hacker, or unexpected software corruption, hardware failure, or DOZENS of other problems catch them off guard and result in extensive downtime, data loss, and expensive disaster recovery fees.

Once disaster strikes, the damage is done and it often costs the business owner thousands of dollars to restore their network back to normal. Even then it’s not uncommon to permanently lose irreplaceable accounting, client, and business data – not to mention the hours of downtime.

I know you are so darn busy running your business that you simply forget to think about the security and health of your computer network – so consider this a “friendly reminder” to get it done right away. If you are not having North Star perform regular monitoring and proactive maintenance on your network 24-7, you need this!

Just a few things that our Proactive Advantage Monitoring and Maintenance Program will do for you 24/7 for about a $1 per day…

  • Check your firewall’s security settings to make sure you are protected from the latest hacker attacks, worms, and viruses.
  • Prepare comprehensive inventory tracking reports and tracking asset changes. Track software license compliance.
  • Check your network’s back-up system to ensure it is working properly and accurately backing up all of the critical files and information you never want to lose.
  • Verify that you have the most up-to-date security patches installed properly; miss one critical update and you’re a “sitting duck.”
  • Diagnose slow, unstable PCs. Perform a quick network “tune-up” to make programs and files load faster.

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