Taking Remote Work Seriously Can Improve Productivity and Security

Technology can connect remote employees seamlessly with information and systems to make them more effective and efficient.

We’ve all learned a lot about our business over the last two years. How we work together, how we interact, how much we can get done using technology—it’s been eye-opening for many companies. Managers and business owners have gained an understanding and appreciation (some more than others) of remote employees. Learning that the staff works hard even when they’re not watched is one bright spot. The ability to reduce office space needs while expanding the reach of the company is another.

And the benefits extend beyond just the owners: Work-from-home team members often enjoy levels of autonomy and work-life balance that make them more productive, and help keep them happy. It’s technology that allows this arrangement to work well and seamlessly, and, when problems arise, it’s often technology that’s the culprit when things don’t work. At North Star, we understand the best ways to adapt your business to remote. Instead of band-aid solutions, we can help you optimize productivity, and make the most of those outlying workers with their free-form schedules and entrepreneurial dedication.

1. Make the most of your network. There’s no better way to share data with your team than your network. It always worked on site, and now it’s even better with everyone remote to be able to share information, feel like they’re full-time team members, track market trends and take the pulse of their KPIs for a healthy business. We can’t stress the importance of regular backups enough. Talk to us today about setting up the best backup system for your network.

2. Think about it: Everyone is remote to the cloud, and that’s where its strength lies. Bringing network function to cloud-based servers means even more seamless sharing, and that includes software, since the cloud makes it easy to keep software updates and bug fixes universal. Best of all, it’s not an all-or-nothing decision. Hybrid solutions that move some functions to cloud-based servers often make sense. “It may be time to move some of your network function to the cloud,” says Bradley Miles, owner at North Star. “It can help to eliminate software versioning issues, and multiple file versions that can slow down productivity. Best of all, everything stays up to date so it improves network security.”

3. With so many businesses targeted for data hacks and ransomware, security is more important than ever, and remote staff may add more entry points. Prevent unwanted exposure by establishing protocols for password management and two-factor authentication that help keep the bad guys out without restricting access for the team. We can help build a program to train staff and reduce the security risk.

With the costs associated with hiring and training, remote work is here to stay for many business segments. At North Star we understand the challenges you face and can sort the technology side of your business, so you can focus on growing the company.

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