The Future Of Smartphone Technology

Binary codeIf you think your cell phone is smart now, just wait until you see what’s coming. Technology continues to make amazing advances in this field. Networks now support high bandwidth applications making it easy for developers to design exciting new applications. Prior to the iPhone, most smartphones belonged to enterprise users, but Apple brought the smartphone to the general consumer. Soon everyone jumped on board the bandwagon. Blackberry’s Androids, and iPhones are in the hands of approximately 50% of Americans and 46% of Canadians. Worldwide over 1.08 billion smartphones are in use.

Smartphones promoted by have already captured the Internet. These minicomputers are used for online shopping, ordering takeout, mapping out a road trip, organizing daily schedules, keeping in touch with children, and hundreds of other helpful tasks. Everyday thousands of people switch to smartphones to take advantage of the many conveniences. The future for smartphones is bright.

Will They Be Self-Powered?

Developers are currently working on technology that will allow smartphones to self-power. Presently, the more powerful your phone processor is, the more quickly your battery power discharges.

Will They Have Flexible Screens?

OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) is the intriguing technology behind flexible and bendable screens for smartphones. OLEDs can be as thin as a millimeter and produce a bright, clear picture on the screen, while consuming very little power. Consumers can look forward to enjoying this technology innovation.

Will They Offer NFC (Near Field Communication)?

We are already seeing the beginning of NFC offerings in smartphone technology. This is a very exciting innovation and beneficial for personal use as well as business use. This technology makes it possible for enabled devices to communicate with smartphones and other devices. We are already seeing it in use when friends share information by simply touching phones. You will be seeing many more of the possibilities NFC has to offer in the coming months.

Will They Offer Seamless Internet Access?

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is now in trial testing. It is advanced network technology that makes it possible for the seamless movement of all types of packet data between IMS enabled networks. This data can include html, video, music, voice, and numerous other forms of data. The potential uses for IMS are straight out of a science fiction movie.

The future is looking good for smartphone owners. In a very short time you may be using a foldable phone with seamless Internet access, which enables you to easily make e-payments, share files by touch, and process the high-resolution images you can already take with your smartphone camera. Whatever else the future holds, you can know it will be exciting and fun.