Security and Data Backup
Computers are an essential tool for businesses around the world. The vast majority of these systems run some version of Microsoft Windows, like XP or Windows 7. Windows XP, which is still being used by almost 26% of computers connected to the Internet in the US, is one of the most popular operating systems ever...
Oops… watch the true story of how Toy Story 2 was deleted from the Pixar server, and the backup failed. How safe do you feel about your network backups? [maxbutton id=”13″] or give us a call at 303-747-4024. Watch the Video:
Riding a bike is easy, right? You learned how to do that at a young age and it’s not hard. Take a look at this video and see if you still think riding a bike is easy? Does the same thing apply to your network? Do you really know how to manage you network for...
One of the biggest threats to the security of any business network is malware. There are many different forms of malware out there that can infect systems in a nearly unlimited number of ways. In the past few weeks there have been numerous stories about CryptoLocker – a new form of ransomware that is proving...
Here’s How a Hacker Would Get at Your Password As often as we read about how important a strong password is, we still don’t often grasp that anyone could actually sit down and successfully crack a password. Perhaps, one could begin to believe if one actually saw how a skilled (and unethical) hacker would go...
The right backup software caters to a business’ disaster recovery plan. A disaster recovery plan is used to quickly restore data and servers when hardware fails on the network. Part of an efficient disaster recovery plan is backup software that stores, secures and archives documents to external media such as tape, DVDs and network hard...
Regular computer backups are essential for any business that relies at all on computers. While things may appear to be running fine, computer hard drives are notorious for failing catastrophically and completely without warning. To remedy this problem, a number of different backup systems are available for both large and small scale redundant data storage....

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