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Well, with the Surface Pro tablet from Microsoft having hit showroom floors in early February, the product reviews on the new business-based mobile solution are beginning to hit as well. So far, the reviews are a bit mixed, with complaints about everything from the “feel” of the new, more powerful tablet to high praise for the well-supported, well-designed, well-integrated use of the Windows 8 operating system. As Mr. Lincoln is so famously quoted, “You can’t please all of the people all of the time.” This is never truer than in the offering of new technologies.


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The Surface Pro: Real computing power in a tablet

The consensus of opinion seems to be that, while the Surface Pro is certainly not perfect, and setting aside the largely aesthetic issues mentioned by everyone, as a fully-functional mobile computing platform, this tablet has the power needed to get the job done. While admittedly a bit bulky compared to other tablets, the computing power and memory of the Surface Pro is unequaled by any other tablet on the market. This increased power, thanks to the Intel i5 processor and the availability of up to128 GB of built-in memory come at a price; a bit of weight and thickness, which will certainly be resolved in future iterations of the tablet device.

Overall, the places where the Surface Pro shines most brightly are functionality and power; the versatility offered by the Win8 operating system which allows for transitions among all devices and the inherent power of its processor. Truly, there is no other tablet currently available which offers the power and functionality of the Surface Pro tablet.

Highlights of Reviews from the Trenches

Be sure to click on the links to read the full reviews and experiences from these users. comprehensive real-world testing – A Week with Nothing but the Surface Pro: “But, the Surface Pro lives in this bizarre area of technology. It is a tablet, but it isn’t. It is an Ultrabook™, but it isn’t. Some like to compare it to a MacBook Air, but it isn’t, as the Surface Pro’s specifications are slightly better. In my opinion, after using it solely for one week, it is the best of a both worlds: A compact consuming device — what we’ve come to expect from tablets — and a fully functional PC. I see a lot of people wanting to compare it to the iPad, which I disagree with. They are two entirely different animals. So, how well did Precious — the nickname I gave my Surface Pro — handle itself, as I threw everything I could possibly imagine at its CPU? Like a champ! In this post, I’ll talk about my experiences with the following: User interface; sound and video; storage; battery life; portability; productivity; gaming; entertainment; connecting to my home network and Microsoft account; desktop programs versus Windows 8 apps; Type Cover; the power supply; the pen; the camera; and the bottom line.”

Forbes.comFinal Review: Microsoft Surface Pro: “The Surface Pro is not a tablet, even though the form factor suggests otherwise. It’s imperative that you consider this before taking the plunge. With an Intel Core i5 3317U and Intel HD Graphics 4000, 4GB of RAM, and an array of ports like USB 3.0 and Mini DisplayPort, the Surface Pro has the guts of an ultrabook. It further distances itself from the tablet market by running on Windows 8 Pro, meaning years of legacy Windows software is at your fingertips. The unit’s Micron Solid State Drive (64GB or 128GB) also outperforms the NAND flash storage inside most tablets by a wide margin; it’s more comparable to, say, a MacBook Air than an iPad or Nexus 10.”

JTMorris.netMicrosoft Surface Pro 128GB Review: “I am not the typical computer and tablet user. I need my devices to be versatile and powerful…”, “After using it for a few days, it is fantastic.  I have sold my laptop, and will sell my Asus TF300T shortly.  The Microsoft Surface Pro takes the best elements from both of them and packs it into one well engineered design.  My complaints are very few and far between…”, “Verdict – 6 stars out of 5. This is a great device. Contrary to what many reviewers are doing, you should not compare this to a tablet like the iPad. The iPad is closer to a smartphone than anything else. The Surface Pro is a laptop computer, and leaves smartphone-esque tablets in the dust. The closest comparison is to a very high-end ultrabook. Bearing that in mind, the high price tag and moderately low battery life is actually just about right. If an iPad doesn’t do enough, but the idea of a tablet is still appealing, you want this bad boy.”

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Most common complaints about the Surface Pro:

  • It’s not as slim as the other popular tablets.
  • It’s heavier than the other popular tablets.
  • The kickstand isn’t adjustable like…none of the other popular tablets.
  • The battery life is shorter than the other popular tablets.

The most common praise for the Surface Pro:

  • This is one powerful tablet.
  • The Intel i5 processor is the best among all the tablet offerings.
  • The Windows 8 operating system is, by far, the best tablet OS available.
  • Automatic integration with SkyDrive and all Windows user accounts is a huge plus.
  • Transitions from tablet to desktop to laptop are seamless.
  • Use Office on the Pro just as you do on all other devices.
  • Runs all of your legacy apps.
  • The keyboard cover is a great innovation.
  • The included stylus is incredibly accurate and works flawlessly.

In addition to the 3 listed above, the following is a list of some of the most comprehensive Microsoft Surface Pro reviews we have found to date:

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The Only Surface Pro Review You Need If You Run Outlook

If being finicky were a popularly recognized personality trait, most of the above reviewers would be examples in the textbooks about the subject. Aesthetics aside, if you are looking for a powerful mobile solution for small business, a tablet with the computing power to continue running all of your familiar business apps in Windows, the Denver IT services support team at North Star, Inc. believes the Surface Pro Tablet from Microsoft to be an excellent choice.

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