How to Get More Out of Word 2013

Have you heard about the changes Microsoft has made to Office for 2013? Well, since they’ve changed the name – to Office 2013 – it’s pretty obvious that something has changed, right? In fact, everything in the Microsoft productivity app has changed; including Word 2013.

Beyond making Office available to virtually every human being on the planet by placing it in the cloud, the venerated word processing app has been freshly imagined and improved, making it easier and more efficient to use, thereby increasing both productivity and creativity.

· New Read Mode – The first thing you’ll notice about Word 2013 is that it has now become a user-friendly eReader, rather than a mere word processing tool. When in Read Mode, the traditional editing tools are nowhere to be seen, while your document is displayed in easy to read columns – just like a book. Woo Hoo!



· Object Zoom – With a simple double-tap to your touch screen, or a double-click of your mouse, charts, graphs, tables, and images pop to life for easier viewing, with a quick tap outside the object to return to your chosen reading format.


· Resume Reading Feature – Finally, Word 2013 will place you back in your document right where you left off reading, by remembering your previous location – even if you return to the doc on another device!


· Improved Collaboration – With streamlined collaboration tools, Word 2013 makes it easier than ever to edit and save documents with a partner.


· Simple Markup – Once again, collaboration has been simplified with this new, improved, streamlined feature, making it easier than ever to track changes to a document.


· Improved Comments Feature – This improved tool allows you to not only comment on your docs, it also allows you to carry on a conversation in the doc, and to mark them as completed once the back-and-forth is finished.


· Work On PDFs Without Leaving Word – Perhaps the most anticipated change to Word 2013, you can now open and edit the content of PDFs in Word…FINALLY!


Is there more? Does the word “Microsoft” mean anything to you? Of course there’s more. To discover what this means, check out the Microsoft Word 2013 Page.

As with anything new and different form the software giant, practice makes perfect, so you should begin playing around in the new word processing app as soon as possible to learn all the new and wonderful changes made to Word 2013.

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