How to Get More Out of PowerPoint 2013

Like every other productivity app in the new Office 2013 from Microsoft, PowerPoint has been reinvented and updated to increase both productivity and creativity. The popular slide show application has also been modified to use not just on tablet computers, but even on your Smartphone; reflecting the increasing trend toward mobile devices.

However, in reimaging PowerPoint 2013, Microsoft has not focused solely on tablets and smartphones. They also made the app easier to use on your desktop or laptop computer, including touch screen monitors. With this in mind, here are a few ways to get more out of PowerPoint; regardless of the digital device you’ve chosen to use.

· Presenter View – No longer requiring multiple monitors to make a presentation, the new and improved presenter tool in PowerPoint allows you to see your notes on your monitor, while your audience sees only the slides you’re presenting. You can also zoom into charts or diagrams with a simple mouse click, easily jump back and forth among slides, and the app now senses your computer and automatically chooses the best view for you.


· Easier Presentation Start-up – Have you grown tired of starting every PowerPoint presentation from scratch, as if you’ve never created one before? For 2013, PowerPoint offers multiple choices for beginning a new presentation: from a template, a theme, a recent presentation, an old presentation or, as before, a blank presentation. The choice is now yours.


· Improved Design Tools – The new PowerPoint has been filled with new and improved design tools; including a range of theme variations like new color palettes and fonts. You can also choose from widescreen or traditional sized themes, using the start screen in the Design Tab. Flexibility is the key variant here, making it easier to customize your presentations – and impress your audience.


· Smart Guide – PowerPoint 2013 may be smarter than we are, thanks to the new Smart Guide feature; which allows you to automatically size and space multiple images on a slide. No more guess work, or “eyeballing it” required.


· Improved Drag-and-Drop Feature – Now you can drag an object from one point to another, and you will see the exact path and destination of your movement. While the original stays put, a ghost image will show you the ultimate destination of your object. When you get it where you want it, let go, and it will stay – easy peasy.


· Find Out More – For more information on the new and improved PowerPoint 2013, visit the Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Page.

Of course, since we’re talking about Microsoft, there’s a great deal more to learn and understand about the changes to PowerPoint 2013. The best thing to do is to get in there and play with it. After all, the new features are worthless if you never learn how to use them, right? Spend some time getting to know the new features in PowerPoint, and soon you’ll be making presentations that will inform, impress, and entertain.

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