Microsoft Office 365 – 21st Century Mobility for 21st Century Businesses

By 2016 there will be 1 billion smartphones in use, 350 million of which will be used for business. It is also estimated that by then 50% of internet users will be using tablet computers and, with 1 ½ billion people online, that means a huge number of them are mobile 24/7, 365. How many of these will be business users? That is anyone’s guess, but current estimates put tablet use for business at about 375 million in three years.

That is a massive number of business people who will need constant access to productivity tools, systems, and communications which will enable them to perform their duties efficiently and effectively, even while on the go.

At North Star Inc., we understand the need for communication and mobility in a mobile work environment. After all, 75% of our people spend their days on the road, helping clients with expert Denver IT support. For us, just like so many of our clients, the need to access the apps, productivity tools, and the people we need to interact with has been an ongoing problem for years. When devices do not communicate with each other smoothly, our day becomes less productive, just like yours.

Office 365, with built-in access to all the Windows tools we use every day, as well as cloud-based access to critical systems such as Exchange, SharePoint and Lync, across a variety of devices, allows us to stay in touch – and productive – wherever we are working. It can do the same for you.


A fast, fluid, familiar experience across all devices

  • · Office on demand from desktop to mobile devices, including Android devices
  • · Access to your calendar, people, and tasks without leaving your in-box
  • · Use touch, pen, mouse, or keyboard based devices
  • · Optimized Windows 8 experience, with full access to Windows 7 as well
  • · Take your data and settings with you wherever you go

A new model for your applications, with streaming apps and a roaming Office experience

  • · Streaming Office apps from the cloud
  • · Streamlined Office installation on all mobile devices
  • · A full Office experience on any Windows 7 or later device
  • · Can run side-by-side with older versions of Office
  • · Always logged-in to Office so knows exactly where you need to resume your work
  • · Keeps you moving with default save to SkyDrive

Enhanced social networking to keep you in touch and improve communication

  • · Company newsfeeds and micro blogging available at a touch
  • · Share ideas and receive feedback in real time
  • · Pervasive presence, communication, and social feeds to keep you in touch 24/7, 365
  • · Contact card available everywhere
  • · Facebook and LinkedIn feeds integrated into contact card
  • · Multi-party HD video at a touch
  • · Instant access to Skype through Microsoft Lync

Improved control through a universal management experience

  • · Unified, simplified admin through single console management
  • · Single portal management of SharePoint resources, data connections, forms, and apps
  • · Simplified management for key company tasks
  • · Better protect critical data
  • · Reduce training times with common and familiar productivity tools

In the 21st Century, mobility and productivity go hand-in-hand, for individuals and for business. Office 365 is designed to keep business productive and fully mobile in an improved, cost-effective manner.

If you are looking for reliable IT consulting in Denver and the surrounding areas, North Star, Inc., is the place to go for quality Denver network support, including your introduction to Microsoft Office 365. Get in touch with us today with your IT Service Request.

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