Wrapping-up Windows 8 from Microsoft

As your Denver network support experts and IT consulting specialists, we at North Star, Inc. firmly believe in the value of state-of-the-art technology and systems for our business clients. With the recent release of Windows 8 Pro from Microsoft, we believe it is time for all of our clients to update their operating system.

Whether you are currently running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 the introduction of this exciting new OS from Microsoft serves to illustrate the need for all of our clients to migrate to a more advanced, more productive OS.

Be sure to read our full series of articles providing greater detail about Windows 8.

For users of Windows XP

For any of our clients who are still using XP, we agree that the best advice we can offer is that you should upgrade to Windows 7 before making the move to Win8 Pro. Make yourself familiar with this more secure, more efficient OS before you migrate to Win8. In the meantime, upgrade a machine on which you can familiarize yourself with Win8, before asking your entire organization to make the change.

  • Improve your Organization’s Productivity – with Microsoft Office
  • Get into Office – the most popular word processing and spreadsheet software on the market
  • Don’t get Left Behind – when Microsoft buries XP forever

Whatever you do, now is the time to retire you XP OS before Microsoft does it for you in April of 2014.

For users of Windows Vista or Windows 7

Whichever OS you have been using, by migrating to Windows 8 Pro you will be making the move to a faster, more secure, more consistent OS. Windows 8 Pro is designed for the new technologies of the 21st Century, bringing you and your organization up-to-date and improving productivity. While the look is new, the feel is familiar for those who’ve been using Windows 7, as all of the apps and programs are still available. But, they are also FASTER.

  • Office Remains your Foundation – with fully integrated Word, Outlook, and Excel at your fingertips
  • Office will now be Available for all of your Devices – allowing you to take your docs, file, contacts, and mail everywhere you go
  • Use the Microsoft Cloud while On the Move – with fully integrated access to SkyDrive, Skype, and Yammer, as well as many other mobile apps
  • Use the Microsoft Store – where anything, and everything, you need to enhance the Windows experience will be available under one roof

For owners of new hardware

Making the move into 21st Century technology can be incredibly exciting, unless you do not employ the best possible operating system to go with it. If you are thinking of investing in new machines, especially the new touch screen technology, you simply MUST migrate to Window 8 Pro; since neither Windows 7 nor Vista will support your new machines.

The beauty of the new OS from Microsoft is its versatility and consistency. Windows 8 Pro allows you to run the same operating system on all of your digital devices; from desktop machines to laptops; from notebooks to tablets; from PDAs to smartphones, you will be using a virtually identical system in every aspect of your digital world.

  • Faster operation of your desktop machine – while booting up and while working
  • Smoother transitions to your mobile devices – using the same system on all devices
  • Touch screen technology – allowing you to “swipe or type” depending on the capabilities of your machine.
  •  Windows 8 will be included on all the latest devices – including all-in-ones, laptops, notebooks, and tablets, with upgrades to Win8 Pro available at a large discount

Learn more about Windows 8 Pro

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For more information on your Windows 8 Pro migration or for help making the transition, get in touch with the Denver IT services experts at North Star, Inc. today with your IT Service Request.

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