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May 2013 Newsletter
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News: North Star Now Supports Siemens Phone Systems for our Clients
We know how important a reliable phone solution is to the lifeblood of your daily business operations. So when Cisco decided to discontinue the UC520 series phone system (official End of Life of the product), we began our search for a new solution to fill the void. After comparing Shortel, Cisco, Altigen, and Siemens, we ultimately decided that the Siemens system offered the best solution for our clients.

Some of the most exciting features and benefits of the Siemens Phone Systems include:

  •     see emails, calls, faxes and vital business information in a single location
  •     check on team member availability and contact preferences via presence
  •     launch conference calls from the desktop with a couple of clicks
  •     route calls to the best available person
  •     link relevant client information to incoming calls automatically
  •     use social media to extend reach and relate to customers
  •     slash conferencing costs by up to 90% with integrated in-house conference calling
“What does increased productivity add to your bottom line?”

For more information about the Siemens Phone Systems, visit our website and download some extra information. Then take a sneak peek at the new Web Collaboration and Conferencing Solution by Siemens. It offers exciting integration with the Siemens phone systems, too!

And if you currently have a Cisco UC520 series phone system in your organization, you’ll want to begin the process of looking for a replacement sooner rather than later. Give us a call at 303.552.0018 so we can answer any questions you have. We will help you prepare for this important transition.


How to Use Real-Time Collaboration in Microsoft Office 2013

Enhanced Features for Working with Others

One of the greatest new features in Microsoft Office 2013, as mentioned in previous posts, is the new real-time collaboration feature in their various productivity tools, including: Word 2013, Excel 2013, and PowerPoint 2013. This new feature allows the software giant to offer cloud-based features on a par with Google Docs, while also making multi-user collaboration available within the framework of the worlds most popular productivity suite. As your chosen Denver IT Support company, we want to make sure you are informed about the new collaboration features that Microsoft Office 2013 offers you.

Expanded real-time collaboration services

While real-time, multi-user collaboration has been available for Microsoft Excel and OneNote for a while now, through the use of Office Web Apps, the same was not true of Word and PowerPoint; except through the purchase of expensive desktop software. Now though, Microsoft offers these feature-rich productivity tools in a browser-based environment, much like Google Docs.

There are no special plug-ins or additional software required to enjoy the collaboration features now available from Microsoft. Instead, users enjoy real-time viewing of ongoing changes in Word documents and PowerPoint presentations as they are taking place. A simple save then secures these real-time changes.


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We are building up a substantial collection of articles about Windows 8. If you find yourself struggling to understand Windows 8, or trying to learn how to use it, you might enjoy our ongoing Windows 8 articles.

Titles include:

  • Introducing Windows 8 from Microsoft
  • Getting to know Windows 8 from Microsoft
  • Windows 8 Pro The Great, the Good, and the Pretty Good
  • Understanding the Windows 8 Start Screen
  • 5 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8
  • Installing Windows 8 on an Old Computer
  • 5 New Security Features in Windows 8
  • About the Windows 8 File History
  • 4 Reasons for Desktop and Laptop Users to Upgrade to Windows 8
  • An Introduction to the Windows 8 Store
  • How to Allow an Application Through the Windows 8 Firewall

If there is anything you would like for us to write about in future articles, please let us know.


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