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Welcome to the world of voice over internet protocol (VoIP). With VoIP service, your phone calls travel over the internet as data, just as e-mail does.

This type of service can dramatically lower your telecommunications costs while increasing your productivity. It also provides useful features and capabilities that conventional phone technology can’t offer.

“What does increased productivity add to the bottom line?”

OpenScape Business from Unify (formerly Siemens)

Transforming your small and medium-sized business.

Staying connected to colleagues and customers in the office or on the road is essential to getting the job done. But today’s communications systems can do more than help you stay in touch, they can dramatically transform your business.

OpenScape Business offers the easiest path to deploying unified communication across your business.

Get more done

They can enhance inter-office collaboration, enable new home and flexible working practices, and they can integrate employee owned-tablets and smartphones into your secure business network to support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies.

OpenScape Business can do all this, and much more.

It’s a unique voice and Unified Communications (UC) solution specifically designed to address the needs of dynamic SMBs like yours. Not only will it keep your staff connected anywhere, at any time, OpenScape Business will accelerate team productivity, improve customer service and dramatically reduce your communications costs.

Why OpenScape Business?

OpenScape Business is an all-in-one solution for single and multi-site businesses that simplifies the deployment and delivery of cost-saving enterprise voice and UC across your business.

Download the OpenScape Business V2 Information Pack

“Comes packaged with the very latest UC applications – from productivity enhancing presence and seamless mobility to anytime collaboration.”

  • No investment in new infrastructure – Delivers UC functionality on top of your existing network, using established interfaces and supporting all common communications protocols.
  • Performance-boosting functionality – Comes packaged with the very latest UC applications – from productivity enhancing presence and seamless mobility to anytime collaboration.
  • Cost saving communications – Seamlessly integrates cost saving Voice over IP on top of your existing network to reduce your total communications bill.
  • Seamless integration – Integrates into your office applications so there’s no learning curve for your people.
  • Total connectivity – Provides instant access to UC on any desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Comprehensive mobility – UC available on major mobile platforms; supporting Android, iOS, Windows and even more mobile operating systems.
  • Superior ownership experience – Reduces total system cost through swift and easy deployment, and web-based management tools for simple, low cost maintenance and support.
  • A future-proofed investment – Delivers a low cost upgrade path from voice to UC.

“How would a unified repository of all voice and data communications improve your record-keeping?”


Enjoy the benefits of cost-saving enterprise voice, productivity-boosting presence, seamless mobility and enhanced collaboration.

Download the OpenScape Business V2 Information Pack

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