Hot Tech News for this Week – October 18, 2013

CM1864In an effort to help our clients stay “In the know” about the latest news in tech and IT, we at North Star, Inc., your Denver IT support specialists, will offer the latest trends and information we find that we believe has value; saving you the time it takes to search it out yourself. That’s OK, no applause needed…

Best Buy offers Trade-ins for the new Surface Tablets from Microsoft

If you’re thinking about making the upgrade to the new tablet computers from Microsoft, but do not want to take a bath on your current Surface tablet, US retailer Best Buy may have an offer you can’t refuse. Some 1400 Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores across the nation are offering trade-ins for pre-orders of the new Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2, beginning now and running through October 21st, this year. The new Surface tablets are expected to hit their stores on October 22nd.

The trade-in value of your current tablet will range for a minimum of $200 to $350 maximum, as a Best Buy credit, which can be used to purchase the new version of the Microsoft tablet. Best Buy will offer the range of new Surface tablets at a range of prices:

  • Microsoft Surface 2 32GB for $450
  • Microsoft Surface 2 64GB for $550
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 2 64GB for $900
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 2 128GB for $1,000
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 2 256GB for $1,300
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 2 512GB for $1,800

For details, check out this article at

New iPhone 5S Crashing more often

According to News, the new iPhone 5S is twice as likely to crash as previous models of the nearly ubiquitous Smartphone. “The mixture of new software and hardware improvements is enough to make apps running on the iPhone 5S more crash-prone than those on other iPhone models,” the article claimed, as discovered by the mobile app analytics company Crittercism, which analyzed the latest data available.

While this is believed to be nothing more than the usual “bugs in the system” found in most new tech, it reinforces our belief here at North Star that waiting to buy new tech makes a great deal of sense in this day and age; when manufacturers, including much revered Apple, seem to think that simply getting it “out there” is more important than getting it right.

T-Mobile offers the new Standard in International Rates

It looks like T-Mobile, the 4th largest wireless provider in the US based on subscriptions, is making a serious move to become Number 1, by eliminating charges for international texting and international data. They have also decided to begin charging a flat rate of 20 cents per minute for international wireless calling.

Will this make you change providers? Will this make T-Mobile the new Big Boy on the block? You can get more details about the new T-Mobile International Service here.

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