What Everyone Is Saying About Windows Blue – aka Windows 9

What to Expect From Windows 9

Windows 8, which was recently released, is completely different from any Windows operating systems ever released. There are a number of great things about it, however many people agree that there is also room for it to improve. Many people are wondering what the future of Windows looks like, as Microsoft seems to be taking Windows in a completely new direction with the release of Windows 8, and while there is no official word from Microsoft concerning what we should expect in Windows 9, there are a number of features that people should expect, rumored to go on sale as early as mid-2013 (but we’ll see…)

We are a new era defined by touch screens and tablets, and Microsoft must keep up and set the bar at high standards.


Even Better Than Windows 8

Windows 9, which currently has the codename “Windows Blue” is simply expected to be better. It is expected that Windows 9 will be cheaper, smaller, and have more apps right off the bat. Many people have said that Windows 8 tablets needed to be cheaper and this should be shown after Windows 9 is released. The next version of Windows for tablets is even expected to be able to run on an 8 or 9-inch tablet, which is one of the major areas in which Windows is currently losing to Apple or Android. Apps are expected to be able to scale to different screen sizes, which would be a huge upgrade from Windows 8. While apps do currently often scale to be able to run on different screen sizes, Windows 9 should be able to do it automatically instead of app developers having to rewrite apps for different sizes.

Windows 3D?

Windows 9 is also expected to take a cue from the Xbox Kinect system and include being able to use Kinect based 3D gestures. This would not necessarily require the use of an expensive 3D camera, but could also be done with two inexpensive webcam cameras. These two cameras could be able to pinpoint the location of the movements in relation to the tablet or computer and be used in that way. In fact Windows 9 might even include integration with the next Xbox system, the Xbox 720. Windows 9 is going to be much more customizable, especially when it comes to the Metro user interface. It should be able to support resizing the tiling.

A New Windows OS Every Year

One of the biggest things to note is that Microsoft is going to be moving into a yearly cycle with Windows, much like Apple. There are a few reasons for this. The first is to avoid another situation like Microsoft had with Windows XP, which they still cannot stop supporting because of the huge market share that it has. Releasing a version of Windows each year will mean that there won’t be an operating system that has a huge market share like Windows XP, and hence they won’t have to support it for as long.

Overall, Windows 9 is sure to be a very exciting release. If the general public doesn’t like Windows 8, then according to Microsoft’s history, Windows 9 should be a huge success, as Windows 7 was after Windows Vista. We won’t know exactly what Windows 9, or Windows Blue will bring until it’s released, but until then expect that Windows 9 will be a very interesting operating system.

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