Tryptophan or Technology? Which one works for you?

denverfallOnce again, in our quest to be all things to all people, and all machines whenever and wherever we can, the Denver IT support specialists at North Star are bringing you invaluable information on Holidays and Observances for the month of November. Get ready to mark up your calendars folks – this is gonna’ be fun!

Hmmm…Shopping or Football?

Of course, in November, the month begins at the end, with the biggest shopping day of the year falling on the 29th, the day after Thanksgiving on the 28th. But, with retailers and consumers being the way they are, the annual shopping binge now begins a bit earlier, just in time for the tryptophan from your turkey dinner to kick in, making shopping on Thanksgiving Day a truly strange combination of adrenaline-fed excitement and torpid indifference.

The good news is, no more sleeping through the afternoon football game. The bad news is – no more sleeping through the afternoon football game.

So, what’s really going on this month?

While this month may not be filled to the brim with tech-related celebrations and observances, we do have a few occasions this month to make all you geeks and tech-weenies, among which we cheerfully count ourselves, drool and quiver for.

Here’s the list:

· Windows Day, on the 10th. No, you are not being asked to grab the Windex and begin cleaning, but rather, to celebrate with all of us the 30th anniversary of the world’s most popular, and frustrating, operating system. For the truly curious among us, a brief history of the introduction and progression of the ubiquitous OS may be interesting and illuminating. (We thought it was, but then, like we said above, we’re geeks.)

· Name your PC Day, on the 20th. You mean there are people out there who haven’t done this already?

· Small Business Saturday, on the 24th. We really have no idea why we have to wait so long each year to celebrate small business in this country, but hey, at least we do finally get a bit of recognition this month, though admittedly, it may be tough to celebrate much for a while, at least until the lethargy of all that turkey wears off. Of course, being a small business, we have to do all the work to find the recognition we crave but, if you need help promoting yourself on this day, you can find it here.

· Computer Security Day, on the 30th. OK, so we saved this one for last, but not because it’s the least important. No, we saved it for last on the list because it is far and away the MOST important of this month’s observances. Since Computer Security Day falls on a Saturday, when many small businesses are closed (although we bosses do still tend to be working don’t we?), this is a great time to do everything you can to improve the security of your IT systems. You can use this day to update your passwords, download some anti-virus software, or reevaluate the privacy settings of your social network accounts. Go here if you would like to learn How to Create Strong Passwords.

OK, that pretty much does it for November this year, oh, except for this…

One last thought for the month

For all you husbands, and “partners” in other types of relationships out there (Hey, we’re not asking!), don’t forget to do your duty on the 6th this month, when we celebrate (?) National Men Make Dinner Day. This is the day you are told you simply MUST COOK dinner for your lady. The only caveat is – it must be done in the kitchen, because – NO BBQ allowed! (Now, who made that rule?)

All kidding aside, security is incredibly important these days and, if you’d like some help with that, we’re here for you. The IT experts at North Star are here to help you with all of your Denver IT support needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your IT service request for help with your operating system, apps, servers, or any other issues you may have.

Sorry guys, no “easy-to-fake-it recipes” available at this time – though we certainly are open to suggestions!

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