Getting to the Surface of the Tablet World with Microsoft Surface Tablets – from your Denver Network Support Pros

Introducing the new Microsoft Surface Tablet Computer

How would you like to be able to carry your desktop with you wherever you go, in a light-weight, fully mobile, fully integrated device? Now you can, with Microsoft Surface, the new line of tablets from the software giant. There will be two of the Surface tablets available; the Surface RT is shipping now, and the Surface Pro, which will be available early in 2013. The difference in the two models are designed to offer choice to the user, for those who want a tablet as a companion to their desktop, the RT, or for those who want a tablet which can do it all, the Pro.

For anyone who is considering a new tablet device, especially for those who are making the migration to Windows 8, North Star, Inc., your Denver IT support specialists, strongly recommends the new Surface tablets as the perfect complement to Win8.

More and more articles are coming out about the Microsoft Surface, and even the Huffington Post wrote a great article if you are interested in hearing how the Microsoft Surface stacks up against business use from a very critical business user – Why Microsoft Surface Is the Only Choice For Business Users.

Windows Surface RT Tablet

The Windows tablet which is currently available is the Surface RT, and is the tablet version of Windows. The RT can only run apps from the Windows Store but has Microsoft Office which is pre-installed. It is a true tablet version of Windows, the perfect complement to your Windows desktop, as it also runs the Windows Metro Modern UI.

The Surface RT runs an ARM processor, with 32GB of storage. It boasts a crisp, colorful 10.6-inch display with a 1366×768 resolution, weighs in at just 1.5 pounds, and has a 31.5Wh battery that will provide you with about 8 hours of “mixed” functionality. With beveled edges and a textured surface, the tablet is comfortable to hold and easy to operate. Upon its release, the Surface RT was priced at $499 US.


Windows Surface Pro Tablet

The greatest difference between the two new tablets from Microsoft, aside from the specs and slight dimension differences, is the software each is able to run. The Surface Pro is designed to be the portable equivalent of your desktop, meaning it can run a great deal many more apps and programs.

The Surface Pro, when released early in 2013, will run the full Windows 8 Pro UI using an Intel Core i5 CPU. It is about 4mm thicker, and weighs about ½ pound more than the RT. The screen is identical to the RT at 10.6”, but offers greater resolution with a 920×1080 (1080p) display. The Surface Pro also offers 64GB of storage, with a 42Wh battery, and also offers pen input.

The Surface Pro is a truly powerful tablet, with the ability to run any app that a Windows 8 Ultrabook can run and the pen input provides improved ease of use for taking notes and making sketches. By using Win8 Pro as the OS, the Surface Pro can run virtually all apps designed for the Windows desktop, including the Modern UI apps available in the Windows Store. It is the perfect choice for anyone who would like to use a tablet rather than a notebook or laptop.

Though an exact release date has yet to be disclosed, Microsoft has said that the Surface Pro should be available about 90 days after the RT release. As of now, pricing has been estimated at from $870 US to $1000 US.


What do the Surface RT and Surface Pro Have in Common?

Some of the most exciting features of the two Surface tablets from Microsoft are its built-in kickstand and the two keyboards they have made available; a touch keyboard and a type keyboard. The tablets also offer a 64GB memory slot, a cover slot, and a USB 2.0 port. With 2GB of RAM, the tablets offer unequalled computing power in a tablet device.


Early reviews of the touch keyboard found it to be very ergonomic in design, but a bit buggy. As with most new technologies, it simply takes a bit of getting used to. The look and feel are very cool, but it requires a bit of practice to use comfortably.


On the other hand, the type keyboard was found to be very comfortable to use, but less ergonomic, in fit and design. While early reviewers thought the type keyboard a bit bulky, they loved its ease of use, and the familiar feel, comparing it to their desktop keyboard for comfort and usability.

Overall, the Surface tablets from Microsoft are the new standard for tablet devices. By providing a UI that is virtually identical to your desktop machine, the Surface series offers familiarity and ease of use that no other tablet can provide. The seamless transition from stagnant to mobile computing provides the user with greatly increased levels of productivity, making the Surface RT or Surface Pro a wonderful investment in your digital life.

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